Archiving & Digitisation

It is becoming increasingly necessary for businesses to keep accurate long term records. You probably have documents that you are required to keep, but have no immediate use of. For example, it’s a legal requirement for organisations to keep their Employers' Liability Certificates for a minimum of 40 years!! Storing infrequently used files in your premises can become impractical, inefficient and expensive.

It makes sense to archive your files somewhere specifically designed for that purpose, where they are still accessible but not cluttering up your valuable workspace. We realise that when you store your company records and information assets away from your premises you need to feel that they are secure and safe. Spartacus Solutions operate state of the art document depositories throughout the UK and, as all our premises are purpose built or adapted, you can be assured that your information assets will remain safe at all times whilst in our custody.

We have the experience of providing archive document storage and scanning (digitisation) services to HM Government Departments (Home Office), NHS Foundation Trusts, MoD, Local and County Authorities, Manufacturing, Education, Service Delivery, Logistics & Distribution, Legal and Financial Industries – to name but a few. It is no coincidence the skill set of the team matches the industry sectors we service. Spartacus can provide you with a project & operations team who have proven ability of delivering contracts on-time and within given specification limits

At all Spartacus Solutions premises, physical security is paramount and is provided by upwards of twenty three security measures. We ensure that these measures comply with the highest of data standards in the UK making sure we measure up to criteria laid out by governing bodies such as the Home Office, British Standards, the Date Protection Act and the Security Watchdog. The list of steps we take is too exhaustive to list in one go but include procedures such as 24 hour static and mobile guard service, camera systems compliant to British Standards, Staff disclosure, full colour CCTV, alarm systems and approved fire controls.

For a more detailed breakdown of the steps we take to protect your documents then please get in touch. Benefits to our archiving system other than the obvious assets of cost saving, space saving and secure storage is our delivery, collection and access services. Whilst we understand that you may not need your documents for long periods, we also recognise that when you do want them, you’ll want access quickly and efficiently.

Spartacus Solutions have this covered - Spartacus can physically deliver a box or individual file on a same day, next day or scheduled service basis. Our bespoke state-of-the-art tracking system uses the very latest ultra-secure GPRS technology.The system is fully functioning in ‘real time’ (allowing 5 seconds for an updated status to be sent from the hand held device to our operations centre) – the system coverage is 24/7/365 and your pre-authorised personnel can access this at any time to check the status of a collection or retrieval and is covered by over thirteen individual security measures to ensure safe delivery and collection of your items

Archive destruction

.With ever rising transportation costs and to ensure our continued environmental Stewardship; we can deliver you information via our bespoke document management system, Spartan-Scan. Spartan-Scan operates over a secure 256bit encrypted SSL connection. This web based system does not involve any software installation. Our system is bespoke and can be changed to meet your individual requirements Our scanning (Digitisation) of documents is compliant with the British Standards Code of Practice for Legal Admissibility and Evidential Weight of Information Stored Electronically BS10008.

Your documents are scanned using Kofax software and are saved in PDF (A) – we can index and apply OCR or ICR to enable the entire document to be easily searched by your personnel Once the scan has taken place the virtual documents are held within Spartacus’s own certified data centre – all operations are fully compliant to BS EN ISO 27001 (Information & Data Security Standard). The system can support any number of users. The users can search and download scanned documents, record box and content details, input and retrieve box information such as file number and title, destruction and marking dates and unique identifing numbers

For more information regarding this comprehensive service please get in touch.

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