Dry Mixed Recycling

Whilst it may be convenient, many companies put all their rubbish into one bin which contaminates recyclable materials and resigns millions of tonnes of waste to landfill each year. Up to 90% of this waste could be recycled into new products at a fraction of the cost, both financially and environmentally. In addition to the environmental benefits listed above, there are the company financial savings as removing Dry Mixed Recyclables (DMR) from your general waste reduces the amount of landfill product you produce.
recycling waste products
At Spartacus Solutions Ltd, we have adopted a very different approach to recycling and waste management compared to our competitors. We see waste as a valuable resource from which we can recover significant value so we focus on recycling rather than land filling this material. Whilst many recycling services require you to segregate waste into different bins, our innovative solution allows you to put all your dry mixed recyclable waste into one container. (Provided it is not contaminated by other waste, especially food).
Simplicity and cost effectiveness are at the heart of the Spartacus service by having fewer waste containers compared to a sourced segregated solution, customers can save money and do not need to sort their recyclable waste on site. DMR offers an easy, sustainable process that can greatly increase your recycling rates whilst reducing costs by not disposing to landfill it can be converted into reusable commodities at our site not yours.
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