Textile Recycling

We all have unwanted clothes lying around that no longer fit or we simply just don’t like them anymore. These items are taken up space and serving little purpose, Spartacus Solutions have the answer to all these unwanted clothes.

All of the clothes we collect are supplied to sorting companies in the UK where they are re-sorted and graded and then shipped to Developing Countries. We welcome donations from from charity shops, rag banks, organisations such as schools, football clubs, scouts and similar groups or companies raising money for charity and the general public through our cash for clothes.

Cash for Clothes

Spartacus offer to purchase your clean, wearable clothes, paired shoes, belts and handbags at a set price. This means you get paid for your unwanted items, and we at Spartacus can provide employment locally and abroad by selling the clothing on. This combined helps raise awareness of the need to recycle. Unfortunately we can’t accept any dirty, damaged or stained clothing or any duvets, bedding or soft furnishings.

Recycling textiles

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