Businesses’ producing waste have a duty of care with regards to its disposal. On top of this, the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) legislation introduces new responsibilities for businesses and other non-household users of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). This legislation covers sectors such as education, hospitals and government agencies. This ruling sets out a business’ obligations when disposing of waste in this category and its need to ensure that all collected electrical equipment is treated and recycled appropriately.
Selling used items on e-bay or offering it to your personnel, friends and family might look like an easy option for disposal, but if it contains any data or personal information, you could be breaking the LAW and may face prosecution by the Information Commissioners Office under the Data Protection Act 1998. Some equipment needs to be destroyed because it is physically broken (and is beyond economical repair) some because they no longer have the speed or the processing capability required for new software applications, effectively rendering them useless. If this is true of your IT, there are only two primary considerations when dealing with disposal; 1 Any company information and data MUST be totally destroyed 2 The resulting scrap materials must be handled in accordance with the WEEE Regulations
Spartacus Solutions can help you fulfil this obligation under the WEEE legislation and is approved to do so.   We operate an approved treatment facility – using our proven and ultra secure operation procedures. This facility allows us to process the WEEE components reducing it to its constituent parts which is processed and recorded as required by the legislation. Please contact us if you would like further information regarding this sector of waste disposal and how we can help you achieve the correct standards with the minimum of fuss.
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